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Managing Airport Growth

Since the first flight took off in 1943, RDU has grown considerably to meet the increased demand for air service to and from our region.

The growth of the airport has meant many things to our community, including about 6,000 jobs, nonstop service to major cities in the United States, Europe, and Canada, and an economic impact of more than $2 billion annually on the Raleigh-Durham region.

As air travel has grown, so has the concern about minimizing the impact of aircraft noise on the communities surrounding RDU.

The Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority has worked responsibly to balance the demand for increased service with the concerns of communities around the airport.

Through the cooperative efforts of the Federal Aviation Administration, airlines and the community, we have seen and heard results from our noise abatement efforts.

The Authority adopted a Noise Abatement Policy that reduced aircraft noise and promotes compatible land uses. The percentage of quieter jets using RDU increased from 27.6 to 99.9 percent between 1989 and 2004; air traffic controllers clear jet aircraft to 7,000 feet upon departure and keep inbound jet aircraft at a higher altitude of 8,000 feet until they cross over departing jet aircraft.

RDU continues to work with community leaders to make RDU a better and quieter neighbor.


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