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RDU Noise Officer
Please feel free to call the RDU Noise Officer at (919) 840-2100 if you have any questions on behalf of yourself or your client.

Noise Disclosure
The Composite Noise Contour Map, in parcel (3.5 MB PDF) or street centerline (2.9 MB PDF) mode, is available for your use to determine if a property is in the area where noise disclosure is required. Please enlarge the map on your screen for better viewing. Locate the parcel. If it is wholly or partially inside any of the noise contours, then noise disclosure is required.

The Aircraft Noise Notification is available for your use for property in Wake County and Durham County.

Please use the notification when listing a residential property in the noise impact area.

Please use the notification when helping a client buy a property in the noise impact area.

Please use the notification when performing on-site agent duties for new home sales in the noise impact area.

The Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority has supported plaintiffs in Wake County Superior Court cases when sellers failed to disclose noise. The Airport Authority does not want you to put yourself into the position of defending yourself and your company in court. Use the notification even if the property owner says that he or she was never notified.

If you are not certain if a property is in the noise disclosure area, please call the Noise Officer who can help determine if noise disclosure is necessary.

Noise disclosure is based on noise exposure and not flight tracks. Noise exposure is the overall average annual daily decibel level based on noisiest conditions. If the noise exposure is below fifty-five decibels as shown on the Composite Noise Contour Map, then noise disclosure is not required even if flight tracks exist overhead.

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