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Acoustical Design Guide for Residential Construction

Residences located near airports experience many economic and transportation benefits of the facility but are also, unfortunately, exposed to significant amounts of aircraft noise. Fortunately, the use of proper construction techniques and materials can minimize the impact of aircraft noise and reduce interference with regular indoor activities.

In 2003, Wyle Laboratories updated this New Construction Acoustical Design Guide to assist builders, planning officials, building inspectors, and homeowners in incorporating specific noise level reduction features into homes. These features will help to ensure that new homes in the Airport vicinity provide adequate noise level reduction to protect occupants from undesirable noise impacts.

Download the Acoustical Design Guide
for Residential Construction:

PDF (1.5M file)

To help give you an idea of what's included in the Design Guide, its Table of Contents is listed below:

Table Of Contents

1. Introduction
How to Use This Guide

2. Noise Control Basics
Units Used in Acoustics
Aircraft Noise
Sound Insulation to Reduce Noise
Basic Sound Insulation Concepts

3. Building Elements
Evaluating Construction Materials and Methods
Sealing and Weatherstripping
Walls and Ceilings
Attics and Roofs
Floors, Basements, and Crawl Spaces

4. Material Selection Chart

5. Limitations


Noise Level Reduction Design Requirements
Independent Certified Acoustical Testing Laboratories
Manufacturers of Acoustical Materials


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